108 Mala Beads POWERFUL FOR MEDITATIONS Aquatic Agate & Rudraksha w/Meru Bead and Green Silk Tassel HEART CHAKRA & THROAT CHAKRA Yoga Meditation Chakra Necklace

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Balance & Harmony in the Body and Mind ⭐ Heart & Throat Chakras


Handmade Artisan Stretchy Mala: Aquatic Agate Natural Gemstone Beads + Rudraksha Seeds + Green Silk Tassel + Big Rudraksha Meru Bead.

AQUATIC AGATE: It's connected with HEART CHAKRA & THROAT CHAKRA. Agate mineral rock meaning is all about harmony and balance. Its meaning includes yin and yang energy, providing a balance between the positive and negative.
It is a high stimulator THROAT CHAKRA, enhancing the power of communication. It also has a relaxing effect on the emotional body, so it can be used to soothe anger or stress release. It is strongly connected to the water element, thereby increasing access to the true emotional feelings and spirit.

RUDRAKSHA: According to ancient Vedic texts, these beads are endowed with cosmic powers to elevate the soul and assist on the path of ascension. Shiva himself is always portrayed wearing a Rudraksha beads Mala on his head, arms and hands.
By meditating with a Rudraksha beads mala or by wearing Rudraksha seeds against the skin it is believed to:
* increase the ability to focus
* give clarity and peace of mind
* improve memory
* relieve stress and anxiety
* increase stamina
* strengthen the heart
* balances the nervous system
* bestow divine protection
* increase abundance and prosperity.

Size (approx.): 108 Beads - 8mm Rudraksha + 8mm Natural Stones + 15mm Rudraksha (1 pc)
Hanging Length: 21.7" / 55cm - Tassel Length: 3.9" / 10cm - Stretchy

The stones are from USA, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, India, Madagascar, and Canada.

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