Root Chakra Red Chalcedony Mala & Tree of Life Charm 108 Beads 8mm Natural Gemstones Meditation Necklace Handmade in India

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❤   A Japa Mala, or just "Mala", is a string of 108 beads that can be used to embellish or to count mantras repetitions. Mala beads are an ancient tool that was developed to keep the mind focused on the practice of meditation.

❤   This mala is suitable for mantra recitation, mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga, prayer, and reflection.

❤  MATERIAL: Red Chalcedony beads + Tree of Life Charm + Silver Accents

❤  RED CHALCEDONY:  It works with the Root Chakra  •  Red chalcedony gives you the strength of will and persistence to achieve your goals. It gives you the confidence to manifest your dreams. Red chalcedony stimulates the circulation without raising blood pressure and encourages blood clotting. Chalcedony brings the mind, body and spirit into alignment. It sends feelings of generosity and benevolence to you. It removes unwanted feelings of hostility and removes sadness. This stone removes self-doubt and builds self-confidence. Chalcedony is a powerful healer and cleanser.

❤  TREE OF LIFE CHARM:  Tree of Life carries the meaning that we are related to the Cosmos  •  The Tree of Life meaning tells us that although we are rooted in the Earth plane, we are reaching for the Spiritual Realms.

❤  SIZE (approx.):
108 Beads - 8mm - Stretch

❤   Made in India, handmade by women artisans. ❤ 

This is a totally handmade piece, may have (or not) some normal imperfections.


Each time I sell a product like this, we (me and you) are helping someone in need 

Prana means "breath"- the universal principle of energy or force.
My love for yoga practice and philosophy led me to find amazing creations made by rural women in India. The pieces enrich lives, giving the Indian women who craft these items a means of supporting their families through their own entrepreneurship.
Each handmade piece is 100% original and no two are alike!
Let's sow fresh seeds of hope, integrity, and inspiration among others.

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