Healing Mala Matte Onyx Dalmatian Jasper Lava Rock & Black Tassel 108 Beads 8mm Hand Knotted Meditation Necklace Handmade in India

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❤   A Japa Mala, or just "Mala", is a string of 108 beads that can be used to embellish or to count mantras repetitions. Mala beads are an ancient tool that was developed to keep the mind focused on the practice of meditation.

❤   This mala is suitable for mantra recitation, mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga, prayer, and reflection.

❤  This stunning mala is made of 108 8mm Dalmatian Stones & Matte Onyx beads with a Lava Rock as the large meru + handmade black Tassel.


❤   DALMATIAN STONE:  Known for its protective and healing properties, The determination within Dalmatian Stone encourages one to carefully think over plans for any project, reflecting on every phase of development, and then to translate the ideas into actuality with enthusiasm and vigor. It is an excellent talisman for the early stages of setting up a business or solo venture.

An excellent anti-smoking crystal, Dalmatian Stone strengthens the resolve to quit smoking and provides the determination needed to succeed.

Dalmatian Stone encourages fidelity and emotional harmony, strengthening family bonds and long-term friendships. It encourages team effort and cooperation at work.

❤   BLACK ONYX:   Onyx integrates dualities within the Self, and is perhaps the best talisman of Strength and Self-mastery on the planet  •   It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief  •  It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships  •   Onyx guards against negativity   •   Onyx jewelry is worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you    •   Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility   •   Fortifies self confidence and responsibility   •   Sharpens your senses   •   Encourages a healthy egotism.


❤   LAVA ROCK (the meru bead):  Lava rock is considered a protective stone that repels negativity. A stone of protection, strength and fertility, Basalt / Lava Stone provides stability in times of change. It often helps to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding. A very grounding stone, black Lava strengths our connection to Mother Earth.

❤  This mala is strung on durable beading wire, hand knotted, and has enough slack so you can easily move through the beads in meditation.

❤  SIZE (approx.):
108 Beads - 8mm Onyx + 8mm Dalmatian Stones + 10mm Lava Rock (1 pc)
Chain Length: 41" / 104cm -  Tassel Length:  3.9" / 10cm
Hanging Length: 21.7" / 55cm

❤   Made in India, handmade by women artisans.

This is a totally handmade piece, may have (or not) some normal imperfections.


Each time I sell a product like this, we (me and you) are helping someone in need 

Prana means "breath"- the universal principle of energy or force.
My love for yoga practice and philosophy led me to find amazing creations made by rural women in India. The pieces enrich lives, giving the Indian women who craft these items a means of supporting their families through their own entrepreneurship.
Each handmade piece is 100% original and no two are alike!
Let's sow fresh seeds of hope, integrity, and inspiration among others.

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