Emotional Balancer Japa Mala Rose Quartz, Picture Jasper, Pink Rhodonite Gemstones Knotted Yoga Necklace Handcrafted💕 Old Golden Silk Tassel 108-8mm

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Pink Rhodonite Guru Bead, Hand-Knotted, Old Golden Silk Tassel


Hand-Knotted Artisan Crafted -  Natural Semi-Precious Stone Beads

❤  MATERIAL: Rose Quartz, Picture Jasper, Pink Rhodonite (Guru Bead) Natural Gemstones Beads + Old Golden Silk Tassel.

❤  ROSE QUARTZ:   Regulates HEART CHAKRA. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love - love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. Because it is a type of quartz, Rose Quartz does have a high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing.
The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and disease associated with holding on to such negative emotions.

❤  PICTURE JASPER:   This stone is often referred to as the Stone of Global Awareness because of its deep connection with the Earth. It is widely used in meditation to merge with the consciousness of the Earth, helping you to connect with the Earth’s grounding and joyful energies. As a nurturing and protective stone, the picture jasper meaning helps to bring you comfort, alleviating any fear, stress or anxiety you may be feeling. It stimulates the ROOT / BASE CHAKRA, filling your body with grounding, spiritual energy, but also activates the Third Eye Chakra enhancing visualization.

❤  PINK RHODONITE (Guru Bead): It is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and that nurtures love. It stimulates, clears and activates the HEART CHAKRA. Rhodonite aids in cases of emotional self-destruction, codependency and abuse. It encourages unselfish self-love and forgiveness.

❤   JAPA-MALA:  A Japa Mala, or just "Mala", is a string of 108 beads that can be used to embellish or to count mantras repetitions. Mala beads are an ancient tool that was developed to keep the mind focused on the practice of meditation. This mala is suitable for mantra recitation, mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga, prayer and reflection.

This mala is strung on durable beading silk wire, hand-knotted, and has enough slack so you can easily move through the beads in meditation.    

 ❤  SIZE:
108 Beads - 8mm - Guru Bead 10mm
 Hanging Length: 23" / 58cm + Tassel: 4" / 10cm

(approx measurements)

❤   Made in India, handmade by women artisans. ❤ 

This is a totally handmade piece, may have (or not) some normal imperfections.


Each time I sell a product like this, we (me and you) are helping someone in need 

Prana means "breath"- the universal principle of energy or force.
My love for yoga practice and philosophy led me to find amazing creations made by rural women in India. The pieces enrich lives, giving the Indian women who craft these items a means of supporting their families through their own entrepreneurship.
Each handmade piece is 100% original and no two are alike!
Let's sow fresh seeds of hope, integrity, and inspiration among others.

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