Anxiety Relief 108 Japa Mala Natural Stones Lava Rock Raw Amethyst Hand-Knotted w/ Guru Bead & Silk Tassel Yoga Meditation Necklace Handcrafted💕

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Hand-Knotted w/  Guru Bead & Silk Tassel


Hand-Knotted Artisan Crafted -  Natural Stone Beads

❤  MATERIAL: Lava Rock (Volcanic) Stone Beads + Rough Amethyst + Black Silk Tassel.

❤  LAVA ROCK:  It is an intense mineral that forms when gasses in magma begin to solidify and harden into rock. It is famous for its grounding and calming qualities that can teach us about depth, intensity, and change. This stone works well in stabilizing and anchoring the ROOT CHAKRA.
It is very protective, excellent for removing negativity and attracting love and positive energy. This stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura and is a strong psychic protection stone.
Lava Rocks are considered a STONE OF REBIRTH, helping those who wear them shed unnecessary emotions and unhealthy attachments.
It can be combined with essential oils to enhance the stones healing properties. Two of the most popular Essential oils used on Lava Rocks are LAVENDER (help to reduce the anxiety and stress) and LEMON (give a more vibrant, positive and healthy energy). Lava Rock tends to absorb Oils rather nicely and will do just fine holding a scent for long periods of time.

❤  AMETHYST:   Regulates CROWN CHAKRA  •  Enhances intuition and psychic powers  •  Aids in meditation and lucid dreaming  •  Stabilizes emotions  •  The strong healing powers of Amethyst can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to love energy  •  Amethyst provides wonderful peaceful energy for meditations and helps with developing intuition and psychic abilities.

 ❤  SIZE:
108 Beads - 8mm / Guru Bead 10mm
 Hanging Length: 21.75" / 55cm + Raw Amethyst: 1" / 2.54cm + Tassel: 4" / 10cm

(approx measurements)


❤   JAPA-MALA:  A Japa Mala, or just "Mala", is a string of 108 beads that can be used to embellish or to count mantras repetitions. Mala beads are an ancient tool that was developed to keep the mind focused on the practice of meditation. This mala is suitable for mantra recitation, mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga, prayer and reflection.

This mala is strung on durable beading silk wire, hand-knotted, and has enough slack so you can easily move through the beads in meditation.    

This is a totally handmade piece, may have (or not) some normal imperfections.


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