Handcrafted💕 Heart Chakra Yoga Bracelet Gemstones Moss Agate & Om Pendant - Stretchy Bracelet Cleansing Stones

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Material: Moss Agate Gemstone Beads + Silver Accents + Om Pendant.

MOSS AGATE: It is associated to the HEART CHAKRA. It is a powerful cleansing crystal, useful for clearing personal energy systems as well as environmental. Moss Agate is extremely beneficial as a body strengthener in times of stress. Its steady energies aid those who feel unstable or ungrounded. It is an excellent stone for convalescing after illness, or in recovery from addictions.
It enhances mental concentration, persistence, and endurance, making it useful as an aid in physical exercise programs, therapies, or bodybuilding.
Moss Agate brings peace and stability to the emotional body. It is especially helpful to those who experience extreme mood swings and those addicted to emotional drama in their lives. It soothes volatile tempers and promotes patience, wholeness, and inner calm.

OM PENDANT: Om, Aum or Ohm is oftentimes the first and last sound that you hear when in yoga class or a meditation class. It is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in various traditions that signifies the essence of the ultimate reality and consciousness. It is a syllable that is chanted either independently or before a mantra. Om is one of the most important spiritual sounds denotes through symbols in Sanskrit script.
People sometimes refer to it as the sound of the universe, the unifying sound that unites us all.

SIZE: Bead: 6mm / 27 beads + silver accents 20.3cm / 8" - stretchy bracelet (approx measurements)

This is a handmade piece, may have (or not) some imperfections.

❤  Made in India, handmade by women artisans. 

 This is a totally handmade piece, may have (or not) some normal imperfections.


Each time I sell a product like this, we (me and you) are helping someone in need

Prana means "breath"- the universal principle of energy or force.
My love for yoga practice and philosophy led me to find amazing creations made by rural women in India. The pieces enrich lives, giving the Indian women who craft these items a means of supporting their families through their own entrepreneurship.
Each handmade piece is 100% original and no two are alike!
Let's sow fresh seeds of hope, integrity, and inspiration among others.