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The pathless path of awakening is filled with obstacles, all of which are essentially products of the mind attempting to solidify itself as our real identity.
As you begin to practice presence, meditation, or self-observation, or if you already have practiced for some time, you will notice that illusory thoughts constantly try to pull us away from our silent, peaceful awareness.
This is actually an egoic reaction to the awakening process. It is a reaction that tries to deviate us away from the process of awakening.
On one level, you are deeply attracted to the spiritual instinct, and what is attracted to it is the truth of your nature wanting to free itself. Yet on another level, you feel such an intense resistance to this awakening. The survival instinct of the ego reacts to the spiritual instinct in the same way it reacts to a tiger. It fights for its life and fears for its survival.
As long as we continue to be deluded by thought, and to identify ourselves with it, we will feel this fear for survival to be a genuine fear worth entertaining. We must ask ourselves, from where is this fear arising?
Is it arising as an expression of my true nature, or from the limited self of the mind?
Do not condemn the ego when it arises, it is just doing its job to preserve itself. The issue is that we confuse our identity with it, and consequently, overlook the reality of who we are.
We just need to clarify who we really are.
We need to see we are not this ego, not the voice in our heads, not this fearful and reactive psychological self.
We must realize and align ourselves with the true nature of our being.
Namaste πŸ™

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